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I experienced a point in my life when my own using and drinking began to control me like a puppet on a string. I knew my life did not belong to me anymore and I lost the ability to choose not to use or drink. At the same time, I knew for sure I was moving closer and closer to a train wreck living the life style I was living.

I reached a point where my using and drinking was not about the pursuit of pleasure but was about the avoidance of pain. This was the first time in my life I faced something that I could not control. After many repeated failed attempts where I tried to control or stop using and drinking I was left defeated, demoralized, disenfranchised and feeling my life’s potential was over. I felt and believed at this point there was no way out.

My using and drinking short circuited my ability to make sense of the world and my place in it and my thinking became saturated with distortions and judgments. I lost the ability to make the “right” and “good” choices in all areas of my life. It seemed all of my choices were wrong choices or bad choices.

I was no longer experiencing life, using and drinking were not working for me anymore but working against me and causing significant and life changing consequences and wreckage to my life as well as others.

I knew I needed help and after several failed attempts with therapists and counselors who were did not have the specialized training and qualifications needed to truly be effective I found a great counselor who was truly qualified and understood alcoholism and addiction and the many issues involved in effectively helping someone with addiction and alcohol abuse and dependency issues.

What happened next was I began to follow a plan of action I developed with this wonderful counselor that worked. I began to develop a new hope as I began to see that I could put my using and drinking behind me. As the process of recovery unfolded I began to become more and more willing to do the work of recovery – because I could clearly see the process working. There were many difficult periods and issues I faced but my very competent counselor was there to walk with me through these difficult periods and helped me avoid the many ways my recovery could have been derailed.

Now, I have devoted my professional life to working with others who feel there is no way out, and who feel defeated and demoralized by their alcohol dependence or addiction. I teach and guide others and use my extensive experience in helping them get their lives back. If you’re like me and if you realize that drug and or alcohol use isn’t working for you anymore and want to stop but feel you can’t call me today at (408) 491-9991 to schedule an appointment.



I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and my Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. I am a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. I hold a specialized certification and accreditation by the California Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors and I am an Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor. I am a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and I am a member of the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Call me Today at (408) 491-9991 to schedule an appointment.