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When use of alcohol, drugs, Internet pornography, gambling becomes misuse and misuse turns into abuse - dependency and addiction often follows. At this point lives become unmanageable, people experience preoccupation and increasing impaired control over their behavior causing significant personal pain develop such as:

·   Addictive or compulsive behaviors becomes your reason for living

·   Family, employment, heath, and legal problems

·   Hopelessness, depression, anger, isolation and shame

·   Feeling overwhelmed, broken and disconnected

People at this point feel there is no way out. They feel their life is over. They feel as if they have created so much wreckage there is no possible way back.

They have tried to stop or control their addictive or compulsive behaviors but have found they
have lost control and this becomes hard to admit fueling their denial, which in turn compromises their ability to think rationally.

This reality feeds the shame and pain associated with addictive or compulsive behaviors
This unmanageability. Impaired thinking, and associated shame, guilt, despair, preoccupation fueled by distorted core beliefs
feeds the cycle of addiction.

Addiction Counseling Can Help You Break This Cycle Of Addiction And Get Your Life Back And Build A Life That Is Meaningful, Joyful, And Healthy.

I would like to help. I'm Ed Gresick and I am a special kind of therapist that helps good people with a bad problem get their lives back. Whether your use is abuse or dependency or is with alcohol, substances, prescription medications, or a behavioral addiction such as Internet pornography or problem gambling, or a combination of these I can help you sort out the many interwoven issues that need to be dealt with in effectively putting your addictive or compulsive behaviors alcohol and drug use behind you.

·   Learn the tools that will help you recover from addictive or compulsive behaviors.

·   Learn what recovery is and what it is not

·   Learn how to stop relapsing

·   Learn what "working a program" really means

Addiction Counseling Can Help You Restore Your Relationships, Clean Up Your Wreckage And Deal With Distorted And Faulty Negative Core Beliefs That Are Typically At The Core Of Your Addiction.

I invite you to let me show you how to get your life back and help you follow a plan of action that will result in a quality recovery that will be truly life changing. I invite you to allow me to walk with you on your recovery journey and guide you as the process of recovery unfolds. I can teach you the necessary tools, attitudes and behaviors that will result in a life without addictive or compulsive controlling your life.


I have thousands and thousands of hours working in treatment programs. And I have worked with many people suffering from Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Substance and Chemical Abuse and Dependency, Problem Gambling, Sex Addictions including Internet Pornography Addiction and Sex and Love Addictions, Video Gaming Addictions, Codependency and a host other addictions and compulsive behaviors.

I Know Why Those Who Find Recovery Are Successful and I Know Why Others Fail. “ This Is Not A Mystery To Me And I Can Help You Successfully Get The Recovery You May Feel Is Impossible.


My work in addiction treatment involves getting to the root causes of someone’s addiction. I include Evidenced Based Therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and EMDR in my treatment approach in identifying and resolving the root causes of an individuals’ addictive and compulsive behaviors.

If you are ready to get serious about getting your life back, then now is the time to get the kind of support that working with a highly qualified and experienced professional addiction counselor can provide you.