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Q. The realization that I need to do something seems so overwhelming. Where do I start?

A. The recovery process can in fact be overwhelming. Knowing what needs to be done and in what order is critical and can make all the difference in the early stages of your recovery. I know the treatment process and the recovery process inside and out. If you are ready to commit to recovery, I will show you and guide you step by step through the recovery process. As a highly experienced addiction professional I will help you stay on track and help you see and understand clearly what needs to be done, prepare you, and walk with you through this process.

Q. I’ve tried to stop using so many times but nothing has worked. I feel defeated, demoralized, helpless and hopeless. So why should I even try?

A. This is why you need the help of someone who is uniquely qualified. I have the expertise and experience to quickly identify why your attempts to stop using in the past has not worked and help you develop a plan of action that will work.

Q. I have created so much wreckage, how can I ever get my life back on track?

A. In recovery, people rebuild their lives all the time. Families reunite, marriages and relationships are reestablished, credit reestablished and financial and legal wreckage dealt with and put behind them. People do get their lives back and in many cases get a life they never thought was possible.

Q. I have always dealt with my problems in a self-destructive way. I don’t seem to know any other way. How can I ever change this pattern?

A. In recovery you will learn how to deal with the many problems most of us have to deal with in life. Many recovery tools, attitudes and behaviors you will learn are life coping skills that directly apply to effectively dealing with life’s problems in a functional and non self-destructive way.

Q. You couldn’t possibly understand how complicated my situation is. Aren’t some people beyond help?

A. I have been a part of thousands of people seeking recovery. Most of these people’s lives became very complicated in their addiction and alcoholism with many interwoven issues. No matter how complicated your situation has become, due to my extensive experience, I am confident there is no situation that cannot be sorted out and dealt with. Additionally, no one is beyond help. If you are ready I can help you find the recovery you may feel is impossible. Again, a highly experienced addiction specialist in your corner can make all the difference.

Q. I’m worried how much this is going to cost me. How am I going to afford the help I need?

A. The cost of counseling and treatment by a highly qualified addiction therapist pales in comparison to the cost of alcoholism and addiction. How much has addiction and alcoholism cost you in terms of your career, family, health, or financial stability? Because of my unique experience I do not waste time on what doesn’t work or in guessing what may work or what to do next. Additionally, I am able to apply what works in highly effective treatment programs in our time together in counseling.

Q. How often do I come in for counseling? How long will I have to go to counseling?

A. Many clients come in twice a week to start and then once a week and eventually every other week. The timing depends on many variables including your readiness at each stage. At some point down the road clients typically call to make an appointment as needed. My goal as your therapist is to get you stabilized in an ongoing program of recovery where you continue to grow and mature in your recovery and are living a quality recovery life style that works for you. At some point many clients want to start working on and resolving certain underlying issues that contributed to their addiction and fed their addiction. Other client’s, as the recovery process unfolds, come to realize they have developed issues as a result of their addiction or alcoholism. Typically these issues are addressed in ongoing counseling sessions.

Q. Can’t I go to just any therapist? What makes you different from other therapists in dealing with addiction issues?

A. There is a huge difference. My experience includes working in all areas of very effective addiction treatment programs. My experience includes assessment, addiction treatment planning, teaching about addiction and relapse prevention, group and individual counseling, crisis intervention and case management. I am highly experienced in all areas of treatment, which is why I am able to draw from this experience and apply this experience to individual therapy. It is from my extensive experience that I am able to develop a plan of action that works. In various capacities I have worked with well over 3,000 clients. From this experience, and from my own personal recovery, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. Additionally, I hold an advanced certification by the California Certification Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors. This certification requires extensive addiction educational and treatment experience. This is what makes me uniquely qualified and confident in my ability to effectively treat addictions. My experience and qualifications is what sets me apart from other therapists. If you had heart disease or cancer, wouldn’t you want to obtain the best help possible? Wouldn’t you want to go to a specialist? I am that specialist in treating addictions and your recovery is truly a big deal to me.

If you are ready to get your life back and out of the bondage of addiction or alcohol abuse or dependency and want to get the life you never thought was possible, then call me at (408) 491-9991 to schedule an appointment.