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California Sex Offender Treatment

Ed Gresick is a Certified California Sex Offender Treatment Provider at the Independent Practitioner Level and currently supervises the ARC sex offender treatment program.

Sex offending behaviors including sexual assault take on many forms and range now from urinating on the side of the road to molestation of a minor. Sex offenders in the state of California are now required to complete a minimum of a one-year sex offender treatment program.

An increasingly common sex offending behavior today is the possession of child pornography. Downloading and viewing Internet child pornography is possession of child pornography, is illegal and is a felony.

A common path to downloading and viewing child pornography is an individual’s addiction to adult and legal Internet pornography. If an addiction to Internet pornography is the cause of the sex offending behavior, then the addiction to Internet pornography needs to be addressed in sex offender treatment.

Therapists are now required to report, as mandated reporters, if an individual is viewing child pornography, which makes it difficult for those wanting treatment but have not been arrested for this. If you have tried to stop but cannot stop viewing child pornography you may well have an addiction that can be treated.

Patients have come in not wanting to disclose the fact they are looking at child pornography but instead ask for help and direction in treatment of their Internet pornography addiction. The point here is that you can get help with out disclosing that you are viewing child pornography.

As a Certified California Sex Offender Treatment Provider I see patients on an individual basis and offer group treatment as well through the ARC program.

I see a number of patients that have been arrested for a sex offense and are in the pre-sentencing stage of the criminal justice process. Seeking treatment soon after the initial arrest with a California Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider has helped some of my patients avoid jail time. This has been especially effective for those struggling with a sex addiction that led to the sex offense they were charged with. I am the only Certified Sex Addiction Therapist that is also a Certified California Sex Offender Treatment Provider in the Bay Area and probably all of Northern California. I am uniquely qualified and experienced in treating this population, which the courts have recognized for some of my patients. It helps to show the court you are serious about dealing with the issues that led to and caused the problem.

For those patients starting treatment in the pre-sentencing stage of the criminal justice process, if convicted of a sex offense, those patients simply continue treatment post sentencing. State mandated sex offender treatment is for a minimum of one-year and until the patient has completed the sex offender treatment. Many of the sex offender patients I work with that started treatment pre-sentencing are able to complete at or soon after the state mandated one-year treatment minimum.

Starting treatment soon after their arrest helps patients deal with the stress and trauma of the criminal justice system and in helping them better cope while in that process.