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As your addiction counselor I will draw from my extensive experience working in highly effective treatment programs to help you in creating a plan of action that will work. As an experienced professional addiction counselor I can be a valuable source of guidance, understanding, and support for you during this initial and challenging transition phase.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol abuse or dependence, substance abuse or dependence, or other addictions such as problem gambling, internet pornography addiction, sex and love addiction I will help you develop and implement
a program that will work. This program will be individually tailored to your needs and I will help you stay on track and avoid the many ways you can easily be derailed so you can finally get the results and recovery that will change your life.

Having an
experienced professional in your corner, who is highly trained with extensive experience as an addiction counselor, is important when your life is at risk. I can assist you in working through your fears and addiction treatment, uncertainties and doubts and move you more quickly toward results. It is very satisfying to me helping people move from a life of great pain and hopelessness to a life that is richer and fuller than they ever thought possible.


The initial session, when I first meet with you is typically a ninety-minute appointment. This time will allow us to have a good start as there is a lot of information that needs to be known to me. Scheduling ninety-minutes together allows you to share about your issues more fully so we can understand them better. This will help us to begin developing a plan of action that will result in you realizing the recovery that has eluded you to this point.

During our time together, I will give you assignments to follow up on. You will learn about addiction, where it lives and why it has defeated you up to this point.

Some of the things you can expect from me during our time together includes:

·   Coaching you specifically about what works and what does not work.

·   Teaching you relapse prevention skills, behaviors and attitudes that work to help get the recovery that has eluded you to this point.

·   Educating you on what an effective program of recovery is and what does it mean to be working a program? I will show you what working a program looks like and I will help you stay on track.

·   You will learn why addiction is less about the drugs and alcohol than the reasons you are taking them.

·   After you become stabilized as a result of following a plan of action that works we can begin to look at the issues that are driving your addiction and deal with them in a way so that you can at last obtain a lasting and quality recovery.

If you are ready to learn and follow a comprehensive plan that will result in you getting your life back and out of the bondage of addiction or alcohol abuse or dependency and want to get the life you never thought was possible, then call me at (408) 491-9991 to schedule an appointment.