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Feeling State Addiction Protocol


The Feeling State Addiction Protocol (FSAP) is a new treatment approach in treating addictions and compulsive behaviors.

Ed Gresick is certified in the Feeling State Addiction Protocol.

Some addictions and compulsive behaviors are created when positive feelings become linked with specific behaviors and experiences. The linkage that is created between a positive feeling and a behavior is called a feeling-state. When a feeling state is triggered, the addictive/compulsive physiological response is activated, which results in behavior or use of substances in an addictive/ compulsive manner. The person has lost the ability of being in control of their behavior and lost the ability to manage their behavior or use of substances resulting in out-of-control behaviors and use of substances including alcohol.

The seeking of pleasurable feelings is part of living a healthy life. There is nothing wrong with feeling excitement, adventure, fun, power, part of, wanted, desired, satisfied or close to someone. Normally these feelings do not become fixated in our minds with a particular behavior, especially a behavior or use of a substance, which becomes self-destructive. The difference between experiencing positive events that are just pleasurable and a positive experience that becomes a feeling state tied to a self-destructive behaviors lies in a person’s emotional history.

The FSAP is a way to de-link the feeling from the specific behavior that has become self-destructive. The FSAP leaves that feeling in tact but simply eliminates that feeling with that specific behavior. For example, if a feeling state of being “desired” is linked with a person having affairs the FSAP only de-links the need to be desired with having affairs. That person still will feel the need to be desired in their primary relationship. The FSAP does not take away the healthy need most of us have to be desired and felt in a healthy relationship.

The good news for treatment is that once the feeling state is broken the person automatically begins to find or rediscover more appropriate ways to obtain what they want.

As a highly skilled addiction therapist I integrate the FSAP into a comprehensive treatment approach that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy and EMDR along with traditional addiction treatment approaches. No one therapy or approach is appropriate for every one and I integrate a “best practices” and an “evidenced based” treatments into my approach.