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Addictive compulsive behaviors are considered a family disease. Addictive compulsive behaviors affect the entire family and the way it functions. Roles by each family member are formed, and often assumed, in an attempt to compensate or divert dysfunctional behaviors of the addict or alcoholic family members. Family roles are formed in an attempt to help bring families into balance.

Entire families, spouses, significant others, siblings, friends, and co-workers often are at the receiving end of the addict or alcoholics abusive, destructive and dysfunctional behaviors. Often the addict or alcoholic is unaware of the severity of their impact on others.

Family counseling provides family members with the support and tools necessary to detach in a healthy way from the addict’s or alcoholics abusive and dysfunctional behaviors. Family members learn how to help the addict or alcoholic in a way that will help, and not enable the addict or alcoholic in a safe and loving way.

Additionally, in family counseling, core dysfunctional behaviors and roles are identified and families are taught healthy family behaviors and roles. Addressing these issues often causes the addict or alcoholic to seek help sooner and affords the addict or alcoholic a better chance of recovery when the addict or alcoholic rejoins their family.

Family counseling can take place with or without the addict or alcoholic. Typically, family counseling starts without the addict or alcoholic before or while the addict or alcoholic is working on their recovery. Once the recovering addict or alcoholic family member becomes stabilized and committed to their recovery effort it is very healing for the family and the addict or alcoholic in recovery to participate in family counseling.

Family counseling will plant the seeds of a process that will continue to grow in the years ahead and will be the start of a new journey for you and your loved ones.

If you are ready and want to begin the healing process of recovery for yourself or your family, let me help you put the pieces back together. I am a uniquely qualified, special kind of therapist that understands how to sort out the many interwoven issues involved. Call me today at (408) 491-9991 schedule an appointment.